Hero Development

Usually the main character and star of the show, the hero of a story, is expected to overcome tremendous trials and save the world. They all have specific qualities that tie them to numerous protagonists from thousands of stories. Learn what defines the hero in your story here:

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Character Balance

  Have you ever thought that a main character was boring because they were either too perfect or can’t do a dang thing right? Would you like to avoid this in your current work? What you need to think about is the character’s¬†balance¬†between likability, activity, and competency. In this post we will discuss exactly what […]

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“Novel Navigators” Launch

We are happy to announce that Novel Navigators is now up and running! This blog is predominantly made for fiction writers from around the world to meet and share their experiences in the literary world. Each blog post will cover a topic in writing with topics like character creation and world building. There will be […]

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