Hello there! The creator of this blog is me, Captain KT, the main Navigator leading all of the topics and discussions through the dangerous seas of writing.


I started this blog to help myself and other prospective writers learn new skills to create more satisfactory pieces of writing that we can be proud of.

Plus, it would also help if more experienced authors gave their tips and tricks as well!

Looking forward to learn from my fellow Navigators!


About Me:


Q: How old are you and what is your writing level?

A: I’m currently 22 years of age but I still consider myself as an amateur writer with a long road of literary work ahead of me. Writing is currently a hobby of mine but wouldn’t it be great to make it a full-time job. Can’t get to that point until I get better at it so here we are, now able to help each other out!

Q: Have you ever published anything?

A: I have a few works that were never published (because of my perfectionism that won’t let me until I’m happy with it) but I am currently working on an enormous project at the moment! (Definitely happy with this story)

Q: How often do you write each day?

A: Being a full time college student and running a club, I don’t have much time to write so I am constantly scribbling away between classes.

Q: What are you working on currently?

A: In the chapter outlining stage for the first installment of a now planned 5 book series! I’ve filled up my idea journal back-to-back (which is a little over 500 pages long). Each page is strictly details about the world, characters, story, and plots. Currently at the point where I am constantly going back to my journal to fill in remaining plot holes and weaving backstories as I type out the chapter outlines. I’ve had so much fun with this project and can’t wait to finish the first book!

Q: What is your series about?

A: Well the story is so deep that we’d have to sit down for tea so I can discuss it over a few hours. To the few people I’ve explained it to, including my conservative dad, they’ve all had a mini existential crisis following our conversation so it seems that it is a real mind twister. I guess I can just say that the story follows a girl who can see the raw energy of everything in the world and becomes involved in a journey of discovering humanity. If I tried to explain more, I wouldn’t be able to stop and would give away my entire story. Besides the tiny bits I’ll give away in my blog posts, look forward to the published copies!

Q: What are your hobbies besides writing?

A: I absolutely love riding horses and have been do so since I was four years old. I enjoy taking care of my horse named Prince and also my a cat and dog (Keeva and Korra). I also love playing video games so add me as a friend on the Nintendo Switch! (My friend-code is SW-7471-4559-2115)